Latest and Valid Oracle MySQL 1Z0-888 Exam Dumps – [2018 Dumps]

Vendor Oracle
Exam Code 1Z0-888
Full Exam Name MySQL 5.7 Database Administrator
Certification Name Oracle MySQL
Technology MySQL Database Administration

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Version: 8.0
Question: 1

You have just executed a manual backup by using this command:
mysqlbackup –u root –p –-socket=/tmp/my.sock –-backup-dir=/my/backup/ backup
The operation completed without error.
What is the state of this backup and operation required before it is ready to be restored?

A. Backup State = Compressed Backup
Operation = copy-back
B. Backup State = Raw Backup
Operation = apply-log
C. Backup State = Prepared Backup
Operation = validate
D. Backup State = Prepared Backup
Operation = apply-log
E. Backup State = Raw Backup
Operation = backupdir-to-image

Answer: E

Question: 2

Which MySQL utility program should you use to process and sort the Slow Query Log based on query
time or average query time?

A. mysqldumpslow
B. mysqldump
C. mysqlaccess
D. mysqlshow
E. mysqlslow

Answer: A

Question: 3

Which statement best describes the meaning of the value for the key_len column?

A. It shows how many bytes will be used from each index row.
B. It shows the number of characters indexed in the key.
C. It shows the total size of the index row.
D. It shows how many columns in the index are examined.

Answer: A

Question: 4

Examine the mydata table and SELECT statements:
You issue:
mysql> begin;
mysql> update mydata set a=0 where b=3;
How many rows are now protected by locks with the default InnoDB configuration?

A. one
B. one row and a next-key lock for supremum
C. one row and a gap-lock
D. five

Answer: D

Question: 5

A particular government’s security policy is to have very strict data encryption and safety settings.
This is done by restricting access based on their own CA authority and limiting access to particular
users within a department. Which method could be used to restrict access as required?

B. using GRANT USAGE, X509, …….ON *.* TO [email protected] IDENTIFIED BY
C. using GRANT … REQUIRE SSL for a secure connection
D. using GRANT USAGE, SSL, …..ON *.* TO [email protected] IDENTIFIED BY

Answer: A

Question: 6

What does the possible_keys column in this output denote?

A. if it is possible for you to include any indexes in your query
B. whether there are any indexes on the tables that you are querying
C. if there are any indexes that may be used to solve this query
D. whether there are any indexes in your query

Answer: A

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