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Vendor Oracle
Exam Code 1Z0-950
Full Exam Name Oracle Cloud Platform Data Management 2018 Associate
Certification Name Oracle Cloud
Technology Cloud Platform

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Version: 8.0
Question: 1

Which two statements are true regarding IORM?

A. The IORM flashcachelimit parameter guarantees that a database can use a certain amount of flash
cache but also limits the database to this value so even if space is available in the cache, the
database will not use it.
B. The IORM flashcachesize parameter guarantees that a database can use a certain amount of flash
cache but also limits the database to this value so even if space is available in the cache, the
database will not use it.
C. IORM only shares out I/O resources between databases.
D. IORM shares but I/O resources between database and/or categorized workloads.
E. IORM can be used to control the I/O of a single SQL statement.

Answer: B,D

Question: 2

You plan to use the Remote Cloning method to migrate your on-premises Oracle Database 12c nonCDB
database to an Oracle Database 12c database in the Cloud. Which three statements are true
about using this method?

A. The database character sets of your on-premises database and the Database Cloud Service
database do not need to be compatible.
B. The on-premises database must be Oracle Database release or higher.
C. The on-premises database must be on a little endian platform.
D. You must execute the CREATE PLUGGABLE DATABASE command on the on-premises database prior
to cloning the database.
E. You must set the on-premises database to READ ONLY mode prior to cloning the database.
F. You must convert the on-premises non-CDB database to a CDB database prior to cloning the

Answer: A,C,E

Question: 3

What are security rules within the Compute Cloud Service?

A. They are user role designations that assign rights to certain users.
B. Security rules are data encryption levels that control who can see the data.
C. They are firewall rules that help control traffic between Cloud Service instances as well as between
instances and external hosts.
D. They allow administrators access to applications in the cloud.

Answer: C

Question: 4

When creating a Database as a Service instance, you have three choices for backup destinations.
What are these three choices?

A. Cloud storage only
B. Both Cloud storage and local storage
C. None
D. Cloud tape library
E. Flash Archive Recovery Area

Answer: A,B,C

Question: 5

Which two statements are true in regard to scaling an Exadata Cloud Service?

A. If you have a Half Rack X6 and need more than 168 OCPUs you need to scale to a Full Rack.
B. Scaling between system configurations can be initiated from the cloud portal.
C. For non-metered subscriptions you can only Burst OCPUs.
D. A Full Rack X6 service can be scaled to a maximum of 336 OCPUs.
E. You can choose to scale one or more of memory, storage and OCPUs without moving to a new

Answer: A,C

Question: 6

When working with the Linux operating system on a Database Cloud Service instance (non RAC),
which user accounts are available for database and non-database administration?

A. admin, opc, and oracle
B. opc, oracle, and root through sudo
C. root, opc-admin, and oracle through sudo
D. cloud-admin, oracle, and root
E. Administrator, ora-cloud, and oracle

Answer: B

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