1Z0-419 Oracle Application Developement Exam Questions

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Version: 4.0

Question: 1

Which statement is true about the use of data controls in JSF? (Choose the best answer)

A. Only Oracle ADF Business Components can be exposed as data controls.
B. Dragging a data control onto a JSF page generates a Java class that acts as a managed bean
C. An XXXpagedef XML file holds detailed information about a JSF page’s use of data and operations exposed through ADF Data Controls
D. Data controls eliminate the need to use expression language in your JSF code for binding the Ul to data
E. A Databindings cpx file holds names of managed beans that you map to Ul elements

Answer: D

Question: 2

Which statement is false? (Choose the best answer)

A. A panelDashboard has the same rowHeight (or all the rows
B. AFStretchWidth in the style class of a panelGroupLayout causes it to fi II the page horizontally
C. panelGroupLayout cannot have a vertical scroll bar
D. panelBox stretches if placed inside a panelStretchLayout center facet

Answer: C

Question: 3

Which two statements ate truly about a dvt: gauge component? (Choose two.)

A. dvtthresholdSet with ditches hold tags can be used to define ranges of data and coloring for a gauge
B. The style of the dial in a dial gauge is fixed
C. A gauge component can render as a vertical status meter.
D. Gauge data range must start from 0.

Answer: A, C

Question: 4

Consider a bounded task flow input parameter called employees of type oracle jbo.domain.Number. When defining the parameter in the bounded task flow, if you do not define a value (destination) for the parameter, where does it get written to? (Choose the best answer.)

A. #(employee ld)
B. #{employee.employeeld}
C. #{pageFlowScope employeeld}
D. #{pageFlowScope employee employee ld)
E. #{backingBeanScope employee ld)
F. #{backingBeanScope employee.employeeld)

Answer: C

Question: 5

Which two scopes can you use to make a value in a managed bean available for at least three pages in a task (low? (Choose two.)

A. request
B. page flow
C. view
D. application
E. server

Answer: B, D

Question: 6

Which three objects can the Create Business Components from I ables” wizard create? (Choose three.)

A. query-based view objects based on database tables
B. application module
C. entity objects based on database tables
D. entity object Java classes
E. application module Java classes
F. nested application modules

Answer: A, B, C

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